Hire a Growth Hacker That Will Actually Get the Job Done

If you’re hoping to build your business, you need serious growth.But for most startups, a traditional marketer might not be the the right fit.

Hiring a growth hacker means you’ll get someone who is adept at not only marketing your company and brand but also interpreting the data that results from those efforts.

Even if you have a marketing plan in place, you could benefit from hiring a growth hacker. He or she will provide a level of expertise that your current staff probably doesn’t have.

Know which kind of growth hacker is best.

While growth hacker may seem like a simple term, it can actually encompass quite a few personality traits and skill sets.

According to Melinda Bylerly, founding partner at TimeShare CMO, there are two kinds of growth hackers.

She calls them “prospectors” and “miners,” and there needs to be a fit between the employee and the company for true progress to take place.