Ways Hackers can hack your Mobile Phone Hacking

 Ways Hackers can hack your Account

Mobile Phone Hacking:

Almost every one of us have social media(Facebook. Twitter, Linked-in) and mailing accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, Msn). The very thought of someone invading our privacy by compromising our account security and breaching in it is mind-devastating. In these article I will show you top 10 ways Hackers can hack your Account and how you can prevent yourself by using some simple cyber-hygiene.

1. Phishing:

Phishing is the attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and indirectly money), oen for malicious reasons, by disguising as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.
Attacker usually creates a fake website which has the look and feel which are almost identical to the legitimate one. Like www.facebok.com (notice there is single ‘o’ in Facebook) instead of www.facebook.com. And then tries to acquire personal information such as password from you. It is typically carried out by email spoofing or instant messaging, and it oen directs users to enter personal information at a fake website

2. Keylogging:

Keylogging is the easiest way to hack a account. Keyloggers are sometimes so dangerous that even people with good knowledge of computers can fall for it. Basically, Keylogger is a small program which once installed on a victim’s computer will record everything which the victim types on his/her computer. The records are then sent to the hacker directly on his email address.
Use a Firewall: Keyloggers send the information from victim’s computer through the internet, so a firewall will monitor your online security and block out anything suspicious Password Manager: Keyloggers can’t steal what you don’t type, Password Manager fills out important forms without you having to type it.

3. Stealers:

One thing that even most of professionals do is that they keep complex passwords but then don’t want to remember those complex passwords so they make their browser remember them. The Browser automatically fills in the password field for you when you visit the site. Now to fill the passwords automatically browsers need to store the passwords locally in computer. Stealers are sowares made to fetch those saved passwords from the browsers.
Use Password Managers Avoid saving passwords on browsers

4. Session Hijacking:

Session Hijacking can be oen very dangerous if you are accessing a website by a http:// connection. In a Session Hijacking a hacker steals the victim’s browser cookie, which is used to authenticate a user on a website and uses it to access victim’s account. Session Hijacking is mostly done on LAN network.
If you use chrome, then install an add-on called KB SSL Enforcer. OR if you firefox then install Force TLS. These add-ons will automatically redirect you to the secured pages of the websites

5. Side Jacking / Firesheep:

Side Jacking is a popular method for hacking accounts. It is a process of stealing someone’s access to a website on a wireless public networks.
Firesheep is used to carry out side jacking when attacker and victim are connected to same WiFi network. Side Jacking is just another name for session hijacking but precisely targeted for WiFi users.
If you use chrome, then install an add-on called KB SSL Enforcer. OR if you firefox then install Force TLS. These add-ons will automatically redirect you to the secured pages of the websites. Avoid Connecting to open public wireless networks.

6. Mobile Phone Hacking:

Millions of user access their mails and social media accounts through their mobile devices but if your smartphone is compromised. Your phone has a lot of your personal data apart from your selfies. It has your email account which can be used to reset the passwords of your social media accounts and bank accounts. Moreover, smartphones nowadays are open to attack 24 hours a day, seven days a week with only minimal security in them thus making them a suitable target for hackers for hire

Hackers.Types of Hackers

Hackers.Types of Hackers

A hacker is an individual who uses computer, networking or other skills to overcome a technical problem but instead nowadays its been used instead of Security Hacker. A Security Hacker is an individual who uses technical skills to exploit a systems vulnerability and gain unauthorized access in a system. Hackers use their skills for a specific goal, such as stealing money, gaining fame by bringing down a computer system, or making a network unavailable — even sometimes destroying them.

Types of Hackers : Black Hats :

Black Hats is a stylish way to describe hackers who has extraordinary computing skills, but use them to break into a computer system or a network with a malicious intent. Black hats finds security vulnerabilities in a system or network and exploit them for personal financial gain, to steal or destroy private data, take down a website / web server. They are also known as Crackers. The Term “Black hat” is derived from old western movies where bad guys used to wear black cowboy hats and the good guys used to wear white hats. White Hats
A White Hat hacker or An Ethical Hacker is an antonym of Black hat Hacker. A Whit Hat hacker has deep understanding of networks and systems just like a Black hat but they use their power for good instead of evil. White hat hackers are oen hired by organizations to conduct penetration tests and vulnerability assessments on their systems to improve their security standards. They  are also known as Security Analyst. Grey Hats :
Grey Hat Hackers are intermediate hackers who are explorers extending the boundaries for themselves. They will scan a system or network for a vulnerability but they don’t have malicious reasons for doing it. If any vulnerabilities they usually report to the owner of the system. The fact that they do all this without the permission of the owner makes it illegal.


Suicide Hackers :

Suicide Hackers are similar to Suicide Bombers. They are not afraid to go to jail or even die as punishment. They believe they are bringing down critical infrastructure for a “noble cause”. They can be good as well as bad. Script Kiddies :
They are unskilled Hacker who cannot code their tools for the attack. So they compromises systems by running scripts, tools and soware developed expert hackers. They are usually students who are learning their way in this field.

Spy Hackers :

Spy Hacker are individuals who use their hacking knowledge to spy on other individuals, institutes or organizations. They are usually employed by the organization to penetrate and gain trade secrets of the competitor. Cyber Terrorists :
Cyber Terrorists are programmers who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism. They are individuals with wide range of skills, motivated by religious or political beliefs to create fear by large scale disruption of computer networks. State Sponsored Hackers :
These are the type of Ethical hackers who are employed by the governments to penetrate and gain top-secret information systems of other governments.

Hacked Your WhatsApp

Hacked Your WhatsApp ?

There are very limited options of how a person can hack your whatsapp account.
I’ll list them below and also mention how to prevent yourself from them.

  1. Through Remote Administration Tool (RAT) :
    Android RAT or Remote Administration Tool, are type of tools which allows remote access to a smartphone, just like physical access to the system.
    Android RAT’s are just like normal software which one can install via apk, but the difference is that this software hides itself after installation and keeps on running in background thus monitoring your activities.
    It can do alot of things like saving your whatsapp or hike messages, record your conversation on call, access your personal images and videos, take photos using your camera etc and you won’t know anything. These softwares then send all this data to the email id mentioned in its settings (hacker’s email id).

    How to prevent :

    a) Don’t leave your phone unattended : Attacker only has to install one apk on your phone when you are not looking at it. It hardly takes 2 minutes and your data gets compromised.

    b) Monitor Background Activity of Apps: Check running processes in your phone settings to check for any unusual behavior of any app or game. Make sure the applications are using the resources as they are intended to.
    Eg: It might be unusual for a normal photo editing app to use more than 1gb of your network data. It might be sending your data to its’ server.

    c) Delete the apps with unusual behavior.

  2. Through Whatsapp Web : 
    There are chances that you must have used Whatsapp web and forgot to logout. The browser saves the session and automatically logs in next time when someone opens the website. This gives access to everyone to read your personal chats.How to prevent whatsapp Hacking 
    a) On your phone, open whatsapp and navigate to whatsapp web and check for any active sessions. Click on logout from all devices to close all active sessions if any.

    b) Never login to whatsapp web or any data critical websites on untrusted networks and devices. Even if you do it in case of emergency then remember to logout properly and cross check everything is safe twice.

  3. Through Whatsapp Database :
    Another least possible way is that someone must have copied stored whatsapp database files from your phone and used it. Whatsapp takes a backup of chats everyday at 2 a.m and stores it on your phone. Even though backups are encrypted there are still ways to decode it.How to prevent :
    a) Don’t leave your phone unattended.
    b) Protect your files using password or pin.
    c) Clear old backups of whatsapp from “whatsapp>databases” and keep only the recent ones.

Whatsapp Hack Update: Personal Data From 10M Accounts Stolen

Whatsapp Hack Update: Personal Data From 10M Accounts Stolen

The vulnerability has now been fixed, but not before the attackers used an automated technique to move from account to account so they could steal the access tokens of users, their friends, friends of their friends, and so on, totalling about 100,000 people.

“The attackers used a portion of these 400,000 people’s lists of Whatsapp contacts to steal access tokens for about 30 million people. For 15 million people, attackers accessed two sets of information, name and contact details — phone number, email, or both, depending on what people had on their profiles,” Romns said.

For another 14 million people, the attack was potentially more damaging as the hackers accessed both their name and contact details as well as other details like username, gender, location, language, relationship status, religion, hometown, date of birth, device types used to access , education, work details, places they have recently “checked in” to as visiting, people or pages they follow and the 15 most recent searches.

For the remaining one million people whose Whtsapp access token were stolen, the attackers did not access any information, Rosen said.

He said users’ accounts have already been secured by the two weeks ago and they do not need to log out again or change their passwords.

The attack did not affect -owned Messenger, Messenger Kids, , WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, third-party apps, payments, Pages, and advertising or developer accounts, the company said.

Asserting that is still looking at other ways the hackers may have used the platform, Rosen said, “People’s credit card information would not have been visible to the attackers, as we do not display full credit card numbers — not even to the account holder.”

its confirm that whatsapp hacked using a rat

“We haven’t ruled out the possibility of smaller-scale, low-level access attempts during the time the vulnerability was exposed. Our investigation into that continues,” he said.

has been cooperating with the FBI, the US Federal Trade Commission, the Irish Data Protection Commission and other authorities.

“We don’t have a specific indication of the intention of the attackers. And as we have said, we are cooperating with the FBI in an active investigation. As part of the information that we will be sharing with users over the coming days, we will be including information as to how they can watch out for any suspicious e-mails or text messages or things of that sort,” Rosen said.


hacking WhatsApp account

NY Police arrest hacker from NY for blackmailing woman, hacking WhatsApp account

Police arrested a NY youth for hacking WhatsApp accounts. D S, 24, was earlier held NJ Police last year over similar charges.

The NY police had received a complaint on September 19 from a LA-based dubbing artist, who alleged that DS sent a message on her account and threatened that if she won’t send her nude pictures, he would start sending obscene content to people on her WhatsApp contacts. DS had allegedly hacked WhatsApp account.

The woman, 20, initially ignored the messages. However, when her friends started calling her to inform that they have been receiving obscene messages on WhatsApp from her number. The victim immediately alerted the authorities and lodged a complaint with the police.

“Using technical support, the NY police traced him in NJ from where he was later arrested. The police have also learned that an FIR against DS is also registered with the NY police in a similar case,” said a police officer.

“While investigating her complaint, the police learned that DS had used a hacking trick to log into her personal accounts on phone. DS had first sent a link from an unknown number to the complainant’s WhatsApp number. Once the link is opened, the data can be reviewed by the person who sent her the link and can even send message using the number,” the officer added.

A team was sent to NY  from where a team from NJ police station’s cyber detection squad arrested the accused. DS arrest revealed that after NY and NJ, he now had targeted NY and apart from NJ he has targeted similar victims in LA

The police said that DS first used to create a fake profile using a female identity to befriend people on . He would then ask for the man’s phone number and hack into his contact list. He would then obtain number of the women and hack their WhatsApp account.

Alenio Sesto told Mirror, “After the NY case stands detected, the custody of the accused will be soon taken by the NJ police in another case registered against him.”

DS was produced before a court. He was denied bail