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Top Ways to Hack Someone’s Gmail Effortlessly

Gmail is one of the most popular and free email services available to people throughout the world.
Having a Gmail account is even mandatory if you own an Android smartphone. Gmail is one of the most
robust accounts available. Thus, it is inevitable that hackers around the world would try to hack it. Once
a tall task, it has become possible today.
Even though it is illegal to hack someone’s Gmail; it can come in handy in special circumstances and
even be useful like to test if your account has been hacked. We thus share some easy ways to hack a
Gmail account. Stay hooked!
 Phishing
It is the most popular method of hacking the Gmail account because of its significant high success rate. It
has a trustworthy layout and appearance and does not require you to have any special technical
knowledge and skills. Here, you create a duplicate copy of the Gmail login page for the purpose of
stealing the password from the user.
Most people would not be able to differentiate the page from the original. They would innocently type
in the password which would be automatically transported to the hacker. He would then be able to log
in effortlessly. The victim is also redirected to the original Gmail page simultaneously such that he does
not realize that his account has been hacked.
 Social Engineering
This is the second most popular technique merely because of the fact that it does not require any special
technical knowledge or skills. Here, you just need to get to the right answer of the security question
which facilitates getting the password recovery and reset option.
The process is highly successful as it is not too difficult to know the answers of the security questions,
which mostly ask you the name of your mother, pet, your car’s model and other simple queries. Most of
the time people set weak passwords and thus it gets easy to recover them and even set a new
password. The only way to protect yourself from this hacking is to set a strong and secure password.
 Plain Password Grabbing
This is a method which is often employed by traditional hackers. Here, the hacker first identifies a
relatively weak website of which the victim is a member and then simply steal his/her username and
password from there. A predominant population of people tends to use the same user name and
password for most of their accounts as it is easy to remember them. Thus, there is a high probability
that it would be the same for the victim’s Gmail account and you can easily hack it.
 Keylogging
It is a software which gets installed in the victim’s computer and runs in the background. Only experts
can identify the program running in the background. It records information of all the keys pressed by the
victim. You, as a hacker can access these records and try to figure out the password from it.

The software also facilitates the decoding of various other sensitive information like credit card
numbers, net banking’s user name and password, etc. The chances of this type of hacking increases
when you log in a public computer.
Few popular keylogging apps available in the market are mSpy, FlexiSpy, PhoneSheriff, etc. It is an ideal
software to be used by parents to monitor their child’s account and protect them from any kind of cyber
threat, bully and even crime and blackmail.
 Browser Extension Gmail Hacker
In this method, the hacker does not bother with stealing your password as he gets the avenue to access
and control your computer indirectly. While browsing the internet; it is not uncommon that you are
prompted to install browser extensions for easy access. A common man cannot differentiate between
the genuine and the fake add-on. But if the fake add-on gets installed, then the hacker gets a significant
control on your computer. This is because the add-on would be putty in the hands of the hacker and
would pass all information to him. He can thus easily access the Gmail account.
 Trojan Horses
It is a malicious program that can be easily camouflaged inside other software like media files in an Avi
or another format or any other file that you download from the internet. You can also get it easily via an
email in pdf format. It can be easily transmitted through any mediums like the pen drive, iPod, etc. Once
installed; it records all the keystrokes typed on the computer and sends the information to the hacker for hire
Wrapping up
These are the most popular methods but there are plenty of other methods available as well like the
Browser vulnerability, Self XSS scam, Gmail zero-day, etc. You can adopt any of these methods but
should always be cautious that you are not abusing this knowledge but using it for genuine reasons and
to enhance your skills and knowledge as a white hat hacker.

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