Hacked Your WhatsApp

Hacked Your WhatsApp ?

There are very limited options of how a person can hack your whatsapp account.
I’ll list them below and also mention how to prevent yourself from them.

  1. Through Remote Administration Tool (RAT) :
    Android RAT or Remote Administration Tool, are type of tools which allows remote access to a smartphone, just like physical access to the system.
    Android RAT’s are just like normal software which one can install via apk, but the difference is that this software hides itself after installation and keeps on running in background thus monitoring your activities.
    It can do alot of things like saving your whatsapp or hike messages, record your conversation on call, access your personal images and videos, take photos using your camera etc and you won’t know anything. These softwares then send all this data to the email id mentioned in its settings (hacker’s email id).

    How to prevent :

    a) Don’t leave your phone unattended : Attacker only has to install one apk on your phone when you are not looking at it. It hardly takes 2 minutes and your data gets compromised.

    b) Monitor Background Activity of Apps: Check running processes in your phone settings to check for any unusual behavior of any app or game. Make sure the applications are using the resources as they are intended to.
    Eg: It might be unusual for a normal photo editing app to use more than 1gb of your network data. It might be sending your data to its’ server.

    c) Delete the apps with unusual behavior.

  2. Through Whatsapp Web : 
    There are chances that you must have used Whatsapp web and forgot to logout. The browser saves the session and automatically logs in next time when someone opens the website. This gives access to everyone to read your personal chats.How to prevent whatsapp Hacking 
    a) On your phone, open whatsapp and navigate to whatsapp web and check for any active sessions. Click on logout from all devices to close all active sessions if any.

    b) Never login to whatsapp web or any data critical websites on untrusted networks and devices. Even if you do it in case of emergency then remember to logout properly and cross check everything is safe twice.

  3. Through Whatsapp Database :
    Another least possible way is that someone must have copied stored whatsapp database files from your phone and used it. Whatsapp takes a backup of chats everyday at 2 a.m and stores it on your phone. Even though backups are encrypted there are still ways to decode it.How to prevent :
    a) Don’t leave your phone unattended.
    b) Protect your files using password or pin.
    c) Clear old backups of whatsapp from “whatsapp>databases” and keep only the recent ones.

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