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NY Police arrest hacker from NY for blackmailing woman, hacking WhatsApp account

Police arrested a NY youth for hacking WhatsApp accounts. D S, 24, was earlier held NJ Police last year over similar charges.

The NY police had received a complaint on September 19 from a LA-based dubbing artist, who alleged that DS sent a message on her account and threatened that if she won’t send her nude pictures, he would start sending obscene content to people on her WhatsApp contacts. DS had allegedly hacked WhatsApp account.

The woman, 20, initially ignored the messages. However, when her friends started calling her to inform that they have been receiving obscene messages on WhatsApp from her number. The victim immediately alerted the authorities and lodged a complaint with the police.

“Using technical support, the NY police traced him in NJ from where he was later arrested. The police have also learned that an FIR against DS is also registered with the NY police in a similar case,” said a police officer.

“While investigating her complaint, the police learned that DS had used a hacking trick to log into her personal accounts on phone. DS had first sent a link from an unknown number to the complainant’s WhatsApp number. Once the link is opened, the data can be reviewed by the person who sent her the link and can even send message using the number,” the officer added.

A team was sent to NY  from where a team from NJ police station’s cyber detection squad arrested the accused. DS arrest revealed that after NY and NJ, he now had targeted NY and apart from NJ he has targeted similar victims in LA

The police said that DS first used to create a fake profile using a female identity to befriend people on . He would then ask for the man’s phone number and hack into his contact list. He would then obtain number of the women and hack their WhatsApp account.

Alenio Sesto told Mirror, “After the NY case stands detected, the custody of the accused will be soon taken by the NJ police in another case registered against him.”

DS was produced before a court. He was denied bail

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